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  • Amanda George

Vizslamentes UK Rescue Trust, Hungary/UK (Emergency Ukraine Appeal)

As part of their Emergency Appeal for Ukrainian Animals, THE SANCTUARY ANGELS have sent a £300 Angel grant to the Vizslamentes UK Rescue Trust (Facebook: @VizslamentesUK). This is what they are doing to help Ukraine: "The team have been working around the clock to make sure as much food and medical supplies can make it into Ukraine in the next day or so. Huge amounts of dog food have been bought already... Working with the “Associates of Advocates for the Protection of Animal Welfare’ who have been permission to cross over the border and get supplies to the shelters that are running out of food. As well as looking after their own dogs these shelters are taking in dogs and cats from families seeking safety that can’t take their pets with them. It is absolutely unimaginable thinking about having to leave your pets behind but some families have no choice... Our team in Hungary are now in contact with the 'Associates of Advocates for the protection of Animal Welfare’ who are 5 charities combined. They are planning to transport urgent supplies right down to the Ukrainian border. Working in partnership with them we will be using all the money donated to buy as much food and medical supplies as possible that can be transported. Arrangements are being made now to get the supplies into Ukraine to the rescue shelters and to reach families that are trying to escape to safety. Our team are also trying to organise as many foster places as possible in Hungary to take abandoned dogs, dogs from shelters and support families that are fleeing from Ukraine." We thank everyone who has donated to our Ukraine Appeal.

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