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  • Amanda George

Uli Sharbinie, KOPAS, Bogor, Indonesia

KOPAS (Community for Nature and Animal Care), in Bogor, Indonesia, was formally created in 2015 and is run by Uli Sharbinie. Uli lives a very basic life and works tirelessly to support his family and also the growing number of cats and kittens in his care. He is a voice for the animals, advocating a cruelty-free lifestyle and campaigning for animals in captivity around the world. Uli is also a UNESCO Youth Peace Ambassador.

Facebook: KOPAS / Community for Nature and Animal Care

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS were delighted to be able to send £300 to Uli as part of their Summer Appeal 2021. This is what he had to say: "Dear Amanda, Today I withdrawn some of the money you sent. I then bought everything to feed and heal the kitties outside: dry food, chicken meat, fish, rice, vitamin and medicine. As we are in the urgent social limited activity, I also bought stuff to prepare for the virus protection: hand sanitizer, mask, hand glove, and tissue. I have also ordered medicine for kitty flu protections. The vet told me it would be ready tomorrow. We are planning to do that tomorrow afternoon. So excited and cannot wait. We thank you and the Sanctuary Angels."

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