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  • Amanda George

Tiger and Buddies, Malaysia

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

TIGER AND BUDDIES, MALAYSIA: "Life can be tough for stray animals. A simple injury can become severe if left untreated. Starvation could lead to a slow and painful death for the stray. Strays are usually not spayed/neutered, leading to unwanted pregnancies. This is the typical life of many stray animals in Malaysia unfortunately. I'm an independent rescuer and feeder. I aim to improve and promote stray animals' welfare and rights." TAB survives on public contributions, which are used to buy food, medicines, and to spay/neuter more strays, thereby avoiding the unwanted birth of kittens and puppies that would end up living a miserable life on the streets.

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS were able to send £100 to Tiger and Buddies following the success of their EMERGENCY APPEAL FOR ANIMALS, SUMMER 2020. This helped to buy urgent food for the "car park kitties". Tiger and Buddies said: "Dear Amanda. Received with many thanks. Sorry for late reply as we are busy with feeding rounds. You are a lifesaver."

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