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  • Amanda George

The Forgotten Dogs of Kozan, Turkey

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

THE FORGOTTEN DOGS OF KOZAN, TURKEY (formerly The Forgotten Shelter Kozan, Turkey) came into being in March 2020 when the volunteers wanted to help the dogs at the local shelter in Kozan, Turkey, with the aim of taking out the worst cases and treating them at the local vets. The first dog that they rescued – Bo – could not move when they rescued him and had nothing to eat or drink. He was an old boy, and sadly he didn’t survive. But they made him a promise: to keep looking for the most poorly dogs at the shelter, taking them out and doing their very best to make them better. They rely entirely on public support to do their amazing work.

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent The Forgotten Dogs of Kozan, Turkey, £300 following their EMERGENCY APPEAL FOR ANIMALS, SUMMER 2020. Clare Maddock said: "Thank you for the very kind donation. The £300 was used to pay off vets bills, including Anuk (pictured), a puppy left on the streets having been hit by a car."

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