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  • Amanda George

Big V Sanctuary, France

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent a £300 Angel grant to Big V Sanctuary in France (Facebook: @bigvsanctuary) as part of their Winter Appeal 2021. Big V's vision is to create a peaceful world for all living beings, built on justice and respect, no matter what the species; not only those who we usually recognize as companion animals but also farmed animals. Miranda and her family rescue farmed animals and offer them care, love and peace at their sanctuary, while treating them with dignity and respect. They nurse them back to health, in some cases then finding foster homes where appropriate. They also offer sanctuary for companion animals, enabling them to recover from mistreatment and then find safe, loving foster homes. where they can spend the rest of their lives. Their motto is: "We can hope for kindness and strive for compassion. All beings within our walls are equal."

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