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  • Amanda George

Daisy View Microsanctuary

DAISY VIEW MICROSANCTUARY is a teeny tiny home-based microsanctuary in North East England.

Rachel said: 'After joining a group called Vegans with Chickens I discovered a movement called The Microsanctuary Movement: The movement focuses on the fact that a lot of us dream of one day having a large animal sanctuary and saving animals – and works to change the idea that you need tens of acres and a big pool of cash to create change. Instead, why wait? If vegans rescued what they could, within their means, together we could make big changes and save so many lives. This page will serve just to document my own microsanctuary, and the animals we live with. Currently we are home to twenty-six chickens; a group of ten growing chicks; three guinea pigs, two rabbits; and last (but not least) a hamster.'

THE SANCTUARY ANGELS sent £300 to Daisy View Microsanctuary this December.

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