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New Haven Project / Vegan Organic

New Haven Project is an animal sanctuary for ex-farm animals, horses and dogs. Tracey and her family (who created and run New Haven) are currently renting land in Somerset and looking to purchase land to provide a secure future for the wildlife and animals in their care. Their plan, in keeping with their ethical vegan core beliefs, is to plant a mixed orchard of fruit and nut trees, as well as food-producing plants (fruit canes and vegetables) and to continue selling their own preserves and vegan honey using organic plants that they have grown themselves. They have also created a not-for-profit brand at New Haven Project, selling ethical, vegan soaps, shampoo bars, moisturisers, lip balms, bath bombs and eco-soy wax candles; 100% of the profits from this part of the venture, along with the vegan baking, have been used to support the rescue animals.

Once they are established on their land, Tracey and her family hope to continue making and selling products to support the animals in their care, have space to support further vulnerable animals, and nurture a haven for wildlife. Working with other organisations, they hope to become a wildlife release site. In future, they would also like to welcome community involvement in the project and they look forward to being in a position where they can welcome vulnerable and marginalised (disabled, mental health and refugee support groups, etc.) to experience classes/day trips/placements.

Tracey has ALWAYS loved animals, and her first animal rescue took place when she was 11, back in 1977, when her mum brought home six baby wild rabbits that were only a couple of days old (pictured). They had been found in a wood yard after machinery disturbed them. Tracey spent the next week feeding the rabbits with eye droppers and a tiny dolls bottle, and luckily they all survived.

So far this year The Sanctuary Angels have bought £150 worth of New Haven vegan, organic products to sell to their supporters (to raise more money for animals), and also donated £50 to the New Haven Sanctuary Land Purchase Fund.

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